How Immersive Technologies and AI are Leveraged in Retail

The proliferation and interest in emerging technologies have led to an evolution in how brands and companies interact with customers, especially with younger generations, as they expect seamless experiences that are personalized, frictionless, and respectful of their data and privacy.

Adding to this, the growth of eCommerce and AI has taken an increasingly important role in understanding customers and predicting their needs. The vast amount of data generated, combined with AI, is driving conversions, and starting conversations around innovation and immersive marketing strategies.

With so much within reach, customers can access more interactive and immersive experiences that are mobile native and not limited to a physical space. There are many use cases for these technologies across multiple industries. For example, several companies are leveraging the Metaverse for B2B interactions, including product demos, events, and meetings, and simplifying previously face-to-face interactions.

Further, retailers have created virtual spaces and product displays to showcase their products and generate a more interactive and life-like experience. By simulating the brands’ digital world, they can enable a shared experience between customers from different physical locations while increasing the number of digital touchpoints. Brands can also use virtual worlds as a platform for advertising or influencer marketing.

Regarding AR, companies can leverage it to enhance experiences in-store as clients can interact with the physical product while digitally viewing real-time information about it, including sizes, colors, availability in nearby stores, and similar items. Other use cases include smart mirrors and tailored shopping journeys with personalized recommendations and content throughout the different stages.

Companies should be careful in addressing customer needs and concerns, improving the customer experience, and creating consistent, personalized, and engaging interactions for different segments.

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