Colores y marcadores en Davinci | Curso Davinci Resolve Español Tema 03 CAP 14

Hello everyone and welcome to chapter number 14 of the da vincisol course. In this video we are going to talk about the undervalued markers and colors in the program, the theme of colors and markers is more than anything focused on work teams that are sharing the

Project . editing but I have realized over time that when I am using the program for my own videos, for example the ones I make about Tops, it is very important to have a correct organization with the colors and markers, only putting markers when I start, for example, in

A video of Tops of best programs Well, when I change the program in which I am explaining, I usually change the color on the video track and also put some entry, some marker or annotations for example here we would have three clips and of course in this case it does not make much

Sense to do this action of changing the colors but really when the timeline starts to get complicated and you have 45,000 mini clips or tracks The v Truth that is appreciated in this case

I am going to eliminate this one that we have empty So, what ways do we have to be able to change the color of the clip? Imagine that, for example, I want this plane that is seen as the main one to appear to me in another

Color because I have the time line complete and I need to differentiate them, then I click the right button on the Clip color and I can put another type of color, it will be done, for example, I make a cut and move it, we see which color remains another way

To change it because imagine we are going to do this action Imagine that I already have the clip in question divided into many pieces and what I don’t want is to go clip by clip changing the color an action I could do is, for example, select a clip later This one also

Interests me I keep control and I mark it I keep control and I mark it and control then right click on the color of the clip and I change it but it is always possible that for example this one

Here this little piece here is leaving it for me What is the simplest solution? We go to the multimedia panel and select the original clip with the right button and change the color of the clip. Now

We see that all the clips in the timeline, all the bits that are from the original clip, are now changed by this other plane. Well, we are going to do the same change color and we are going to put it

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In an olive color we see that it changes it as I was saying this I usually use it for the videos that are from Tops that I end up dividing it into parts in which the teacher speaks and then each mini tutorial or explanation of the program So I change the colors with

This we can also change the color of the folders if here for example we had another Well I can select the video folder and change the color for example this seems bullshit But then every time I’m editing a video yes I have the same

Folder structure and I already have it associated, for example, the blue color is the default for the video folder. Visually, I see it right away, as well as sounds. If we change the color, we make it orange. You already visually associate that the sounds of your project are in this folder.

Well, with this we would have seen how the colors work in the clips, something that is visually very simple and the truth is that it works very well for us even if you end up doing small projects

You will end up using this function to change the colors but something that I usually use a lot I am going to unlink this clip and remove the audio Imagine that in this clip you see that the

Character is speaking And in this case I wanted to put a voice in off or I wanted to record something from another file But well, in this fragment I wanted an audio well to mark myself while I am

Editing because imagine that I am editing the video and simply Well look or I have forgotten to record this piece or I have not been able to record it or just a Once I have edited the video

, I simply want to add a mark for a title, whatever it is, I mark this point and we can mark it as a marker that is a mar marker is to indicate in the time line that he hears at this point I have a warning because I want to add something

If you double click the marker here you can put text here in notes I would put the text that I want to record I can also change the marker color here and So when I finish editing before rendering I can see that

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Here I have a notice I look at it and okay I would have to make a recording of this part which is the one I am missing who says recording says add a text an annotation look at this

Point in the video I would like it to be zoomed in but I don’t have time After finishing the edition and a relative, a friend, well, or a colleague, whoever it is, you will finish it for me, you

Make the mark. We also have the quick access, which is my, it would be marked . control m and apart from adding the marker it already opens the window to be able to put the information it is also possible to add a marker to the clip instead of the timeline. Imagine that

Now for whatever reason I end up moving this clip to the end because another idea occurred to me but the marker It keeps staying here where it said that I had to make a recording ok if what I want specifically is to add some information to this clip I selected it I click

And you can press the mo key, hitting the marker and the clip is added. What does this mean that if I now move the clip this information stays here the timeline markers would be more focused on moments that you know are not

Going to change of your video Well look at this moment I want to add a title at this moment I want to add a transition and the Clip markers would be more focused on that specific information of that moment of the video for example here You could

Change the color then And now I move to the color mode, for example, we will see that in the clip we have the warning if I double click it tells me that we have to change the color

Well This is referring to the markers later we would have the markers that we can use with the letter g in this case no longer I would simply go to this specific clip, which in the end is a long video

That we have cut, this is a small piece of the original clip, which is this one here, if I put a marker here, it appears in all the bits of all the clips Imagine that

I want to change the color of the entire clip Well, if you double click on the pointer you can add the information you need and it will put us in the whole clip Not just in the

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Fragment So if you now you go as in the previous method to another of the modules we will see that in each clip this one does not have it This is a resource plane that does not have the marker and this one does not either

But the different cuts that have the original clip we see that it has the marker Well that one which is a bit confusing but for example this is one of the videos that I uploaded a while ago to the Channel in which I explained five free alternatives to canva so visually what I

Put together in the end I simply edit my projects myself and I don’t share it with other Editors because visually what I wanted was to differentiate by colors the blocks in each color because I put a different program A different alternative that I was explaining So I in the moment

Now because the project is finished and I don’t need to modify anything This was good for me because to be able to mark where I wanted to put the title of each application since simply by seeing

The colors Well, I know that the title comes here I know that I can put it here a sound effect for the transition and visually I have it at a time when I am still not clear, for example,

At what points I am going to put the titles or at what points I am going to change the name of I am going to change the program that I am going to Let’s explain Well, I always usually put a marker Well,

Program number 5 comes in here, so while you’re editing, you know when to fit things in. Anyway, I hope this helps you to be able to edit more comfortably, I won’t tell you if you’re going to share the project anymore with more Editors and I encourage you to keep watching these videos Because

Apart from the fact that I’m cumming a lot I think they are quite productive So see you in the next one bye if you liked this one Like and subscribe to the video, it doesn’t cost anything. To not

Miss out on more tutorials, free programs and many more tricks, for more information and downloading free materials, visit the website that appears below in the description box. See you soon

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