✅ EDITORES de VIDEO para PC GRATIS Sin Marca de Agua 🚀 2023

Well, well, it’s been more than a year since he uploaded a video to show the best free programs to edit videos and I realized a couple of things, the first is that da Vinci resolves was really liked, it’s brutal, wow, but it has a small drawback, it eats

Resources . from your PC like there’s no tomorrow Ok you’re ready I’m ready I’m completely sure I’m moving the mouse Dale I’m going to open davinci I’m ready you can handle it yes opening Da Vinci

You see I told you I could drive for that very reason seeing that many people want to avoid with professional programs but that are compatible with your PC for Earthlings but for super computers I have seen the need to look for the best open source editors and that are affordable

For almost all computers So today with Professor Saitama the three best editors of video for PCs with few resources and obviously free in number three videopad the first editor on the list is called videopad and once you open the interface for the first time it will appear

To create a new project in the end this interface is not very reminiscent of the from Sony Vegas from a few years ago But hey, in the end it is an editor that is quite practical if we look at it, it has a kind of file manager on the left, such as Da

Vinci, for example, where we have audio videos and images and here we can go saving all kinds of files a central preview to see the sequence as it is coming out and below the timeline

Has no loss this editor is very simple but the truth is that it works very well for us to do these four things that we want for the videos of YouTube As for example, the actions of cutting can be. You simply put yourself here in the upper part and the scissors appear

To be able to make cuts where we are interested in the time line, we see how a kind of icons appear in the initial part and in the final part of the timeline where we can add super easy fade-in and out, for example, I have done this

In other Editors parallel to Play and at one point it just generated a transition so as not to complicate our lives between two Clip cuts we can see how to incorporate a transition and at the top you will see that you can add text that will be placed in another separate layer

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We have an effects section where we have a lot of varieties at the end are the effects that you end up using for this types of videos you can apply color corrections adjust brightness and contrast even add special effects to give your productions a creative touch it even

Has a tool for subtitles you can even record the voice to be able to do the voice-over without having to record that document audio in another program And if you look at the top, we have workspaces as areas to be able to focus on each of

The actions, for example, if you want to do audio tweaks, you can go to the audio workspace, select the clip you need and we can add any of these effects, it also has a tool to be able to do automatic audio synchronization and

We can even eliminate background noise when selecting the section of audio to export. It’s as simple as going to the workspace section to export And if we give it, for example, the YouTube section directly, we will see that we can publish it, it will make us link our

Google user to upload the video, which I recommend we always export it first and review it and then you will upload it or if not directly we can save in videos without loss and you save it

On the computer it is a very simple editor But to be free It is very powerful in the end for this type of thing it will be perfect for us and that is light it is lighter than da vincisol I leave you

The link to the official page so you can download the editor in the description box So next in number two Shot the second in the shotcut list this already appears with a slightly more modern interface But in the end the basic things more or less they work the same in all

The Editors here on the right side at the top we have the workspaces that are a little different from the program that we have seen before but basically the purpose is In the same work area with the files we can select them and send them to the timeline.

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When we drop it, we’ll see what the new layer creates for us. I’m going to mute it so as not to listen to the audio all the time and like the previous one. Well, here we have actions like to be able to divide

Clips without any type of problem by selecting the clip that we want and we go to the effects workspace we can incorporate giving here the effect that interests us, for example Here we are going to change the size of the position or rotate it, we simply

Click on the button and it doesn’t have much of a mystery, upload the parameters of the clip here and we’ll see how it’s modified we can add more effects to the same clip, for example

Color correction, we’re going to add to see how the invention turns out Look, it seems that it’s cold in my room now we have a workspace dedicated only to color This reminds me a lot of

Da Vinci Resolve obviously does not have the same power and you will be able to make the same corrections with the same quality as in Da Vinci or in premiere But remember that these free software that for

The four touch-ups that we will need to do this, we already have enough, we can also add text and super intuitive if you realize with the mouse itself we can move [Music] the position and size of the text very powerful highly recommended and consumes much less resources So

Try it too I leave you the link of the official page so you can download the editor in the description box let’s go to the next one that by the way I want to remember that I have a complete and free Da Vinci course on my YouTube channel I leave the link

In the description if you use Da Vinci As a default editor, it will come in handy, but if you use other programs like the ones that I have explained in this video, there are many practices that you can use in each one of them, so I recommend you take a look at number

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One, Cadel Light, or whatever it may be. say let’s go the Da Vinci of the few resources oh my God this looks like a miniature Da Vinci only always leave the best for the end and this time

It will not be an exception if you realize that here we have again the issue of work spaces Much more simplified audio editing, effects and color, why do we want more of an interface that is very reminiscent of Da Vinci as it is structured where we have here

The file manager, the previews of the previous clip and how it would be modified, wow, it always catches me the same and I’m going to mute the first thing because if not you are going to hear me twice

The typical cutting tool that you will use a lot with this you can move the clips we can add effects and here on the right side it would be like the inspector here we can go modifying the characteristics of the effect we can also delete it

Add as many effects as we are interested in we can add a text to the clip we can also remove titles in a super simple way this is how to write in canva if you remember this also gives a bit of air to Sony Vegas as it is mounted you can add

The clues that you need and In short, I see that it is a super complete program in the event that you cannot use Da Vinci resolve due to the issue of power on the computer, highly recommended,

Just as I have said to the other previous Editors, I leave you the link of the official page so you can download the editor in the description box and that’s all I hope these programs help you edit videos for free and you know why you’re going to hack or

Pay for programs that have a thousand features and in the end you don’t You use the free software bye bye if you liked this video, give it a like and subscribe and it doesn’t cost anything To not miss more tutorials free programs and many more tricks for more info and download

Free materials visit the website that appears below in the box description See you soon [Music]

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