✅ Flexclip el MEJOR Editor de VÍDEOS ONLINE 2023 🚀

You need to edit in a simple way without complicating your life too much and with a pc that does not have many resources I am going to show you what is for me the best web video editor so you

Will not have to install any program or suffer for those resources of your PC, you also remember those little videos that many youtubers put while they talk about a topic like these, for example, they are called video resources and with this editor we have a lot to

Choose and use them for our projects. So today with Professor Saitama, the best video editor online Oh and almost free because I’m going to give away licenses the editor is called Flex clip and in addition to being able to assemble videos it has many useful tools such as

The materials resources that we mentioned generate automatic subtitles through the guide pass text to speech and other very interesting at the end of the video I’ll tell you how to get one of the five licenses that I’m giving away And if you’re watching this video when I’ve already given them away

Stay the same as I’ll tell you some trick to get the most out of Flex clip even if we don’t have a good start editing with Flex clip It is as simple as simply putting

The Google Flex clip in the browser. I will also leave the link in the description box so that you can access it as always without any problem. Here, the first thing you have to do is obviously create a

New account, you can do it for free and use all the functions, the only thing that when you go to export will always happen that it will appear with low quality but as I said for that I am going to raffle 5 business licenses so that you can use them fully and

In case you do not like touch or are watching the video after having done the draw Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you too How to use things from this program for free then once you have created the account and in this case I am going to log in

We will see that the interface is quite simple in the upper part we would have projects that are halfway done or that we have already exported directly before and with a click we can return to them to edit them

But in this case what we are going to do is create a new video where we will say in what format we want if we want it for mobile phones or for computers in this case well I’m going to leave it as

It is and we start here it will tell us as soon as we start if we want to add the first material and in this case what I’m going to to do is reuse Sorry, an old video is an intro of one

Of the videos that I uploaded to the Channel but it is so that we can see how it works once the material has been uploaded If we want to add them As simple as giving the option of more and we add it as

A scene And if we press Play we’ll see what works, surely you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own anime here in the media section where we’ll have all the tools section here on the left side of the editor we’ll be able to see either all or filter it by videos,

Photos or audio, everything that we upload to this little window here will be organized by type of medium so that we can use it at any time. In this case, now, since I simply have this video file, this appears and I can leave it directly In the everything tab, if I now

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Wanted to add a song, I’ll drop it here and simply by putting the mouse over it, we’d see what the preview does for us if I wanted to, because now this video doesn’t have sound, that is, it simply

Has the voice, surely you’ve dreamed if I wanted to add it the same we would give the music to the plus icon and we can already see how it has been added under the video, that is, we would press Play, surely you

Have ever dreamed of creating We would have it already arranged in case you wanted, for example, to record the voiceover You can see that a little icon with the microphone appears here in which we can record directly without having to import the audio from another program. If we click on

The file in the timeline, we will see that we have a series of options here in which, for example, we can Lower the volume in which we can zoom and scale in which we can add a filter to the videos in which we can modify the color quality manually

Or even increase the speed unlike other Editors this is super simple well Now that we know how to import materials, put them on the timeline, julines, what a frame I’ve left, let’s see now how to add text, for example, and we’ll see the first thing

That appears on social networks. I love it. It’s super easy to add a banner for social networks . With this program you just click and we have it and now I want to change here the font, the type, the color or whatever, double click and here we can modify everything

Later to be able to modify the position, the size or rotate the object, it’s super easy also here I simply select it as if it were a drawing I select it and I can move it wherever I want I can change the proportion even the

Rotation in this case well I would leave it here if I use this now to make a video for YouTube I am going to remove the music for that it doesn’t bother so much and let’s press Play, surely you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own anime, it’s fine if I want the

Animation to last less, simply in the chorizo, this lilac one, I make it as small as I want, I’m going to make it short to Let’s see the example, surely you have ever dreamed of creating your own anime or animation short But in addition to not knowing where to start, it is possible

That you have and we can see how you do the output animation without any problem, these things about the templates Me They love them because it is super easy to be able to make any type of

Title and it is quite professional. The truth is that in other programs it is much more complicated, although it is also possible to do it, but here you just click and you have it. Canva looks like one of the

Very cool things that this program has is that In this video editor we can generate the subtitles automatically with artificial intelligence So I select the clip I click on OK I can add it manually or if we don’t click on this button that puts the subtitle and automatic

We choose the language and click on next we are going to see what template we use Well this one and I give it to generate I would have to look for a music on hold while it always loads this

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What do you think in a moment automatic subtitles and I think we will see I hope I don’t screw it up that it has done quite well let’s see if not I say no outrage, surely you have ever dreamed of creating your own anime or animation short But besides not knowing

Where to start, it seems incredible because this is not all, as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, one of the functions that I love about this program the videos are resources that in fact I follow that I have been using for a long time on the YouTube channel if for

Example I want to talk about finances that is not the case But hey I want to talk about finances well I put these gentlemen who are here it seems that they are earning money Holding a meeting here is very professional if now I, for example, am talking about the travel time

Or the heat it is, well I can put this what we earn by putting a video resource while you are talking that it is not monotonous the video is not It’s not empty at all and

Something related to our channel is very professional. If we want to talk about video editing, look here, it already puts it for me because I’ve been looking for it recently. an editing program, well I put this and it seems that I

Am doing it myself how we add it very simple we click here on the plus symbol Add as a scene Boom I have it right next to it if we give it to Play professional the same with the

Photos I can both add, that is, import from the computer How to choose the type that I want, look at this photo, it looks very corporate No, come on, I want to add it too, I put it

Here with the audios, the same thing happens We have a lot of stock music that we can use tell me what This is not epic for an intro on my channel, the same thing we give to the more to see how the saitama Epic mode looks, surely you have

Ever dreamed of creating your own anime or animation short, also because we have elements that cannot be a kind of gifs or shapes this is very canva style eh you put everything here look like I was the plate at 100,000 YouTube killer I don’t understand

Anything if you go to Play surely you have ever dreamed of creating your own anime or room animation is a canvas at an advanced level the same we have in a section as defects Now I’m

In the room but it seems that the sun is coming in through the big and easy window also here we could put jokes what a frames Tweet we could always put a watermark here

Too Well, I’ll tell you the size, the opacity In what position do I want it or if I want to put it with text this for when they ask you for a promo you can put it just in case Ah I forgot besides music we have sound effects to see a transition effect

Ok, and before explaining how to export, it must be said that they have recently incorporated a functionality that allows us to pass text to speech. We are going to see how this also works with Artificial Intelligence. Música] let’s see

Subscribe to the Channel and it doesn’t cost anything to see how the assembly sounds subscribe to the Channel and it doesn’t cost anything maybe if I put a comma it will be better subscribe to the Channel and it doesn’t

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Cost anything there we are a little more rhythm man, subscribe to the Channel, it doesn’t cost anything if we want, we can put the tone a little sharper, let’s see, subscribe to the Channel, it

Doesn’t cost anything and I’ll do it backwards, that’s what I do in the morning, subscribe to the Channel, it doesn’t cost anything Well, look For those who are shy and do not want to record in voiceover we have this slow option.

But hey, we have it, you just have to save it and in addition to downloading it to the computer, we already have it in the media section to be able to put it on the timeline. So now that We already have it more or

Less Ready and fixed, we are going to export it as I said, if you do not have a license you will be able to download it to 480 But well, surely, since you are going to give a good like to the video and you are going to subscribe to the

Channel, it will Touch one of the five licenses that I am going to give away, we will export it once we have it rendered, we can continue editing it, upload it or directly

Copy a link to be able to share it, since I don’t trust it I download it and see how it goes [Music] I mean It’s horrible, it’s not horrible, but I did it in 2 minutes while I was explaining

How the program works, what the hell do you think? Cool, eh, well, Let’s go to the montepío mess, I’m going to give away 5 one-year business licenses, that is, the most ugly subscription possible for you

Because I want the result of the draw you will see it in the next video that will be on April 17 on this same channel in this video maybe I’m talking about David’s Pokémon or I’m doing a video blog

But I’ll put the result of the winners to leave it all here on YouTube that some Once it has happened to me that the winner does not have the social network in which I publish the result and is

Left unaware to participate I am going to be very original you have to subscribe if you are not on this channel obviously like the video and leave a Comment that the teacher says Give me a Flex clip account

And that’s it if I have already given the licenses and you are watching This video I am going to leave you in the description box and here a little card How to legally obtain the

Resource materials with the version of Try it and if you remember what we have seen on this channel with Fil Well, the same I hope you like this type of software almost everything on this channel It’s free but sometimes I show you paid tools but always trying to

Give away licenses or explaining some legal trick To use them in your trial version , remember that we don’t hack here, but hey, if we see a way to get a free tool, then go for it, bye, if you liked this video, give it a like and subscribe, it doesn’t cost anything, so

You don’t miss any more tutorials for free programs. and many more tricks for more info and download free materials visit the website that appears below in the description box See you soon [Music]

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