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Hello everyone and welcome to a new video of the Da Vinci course today we are going to touch on a very interesting topic the removal of objects and objects in two types of plane in the static plane and in the

Moving plane How we can make this very easy We drag the clip that we want to the timeline, for example this same one of the lady studying or looking at invoices or I don’t know what she

Is doing and let’s say that I want to delete one of these objects that is here on the shelf that does not look good, which is it looks like a candle but we want to delete it so we mark the

Clip and we will go to the wonderful fusion module here to be clear as always f2 key I am going to put girl we accept and we have already changed the name of the input now we must add

Here a node an effect for to be able to paint over the clip what I’m going to do is shift more space the effects screen opens and find out here I already had it prepared tweaks pnt if you put pnt it appears we click add and that’s it We have set it

Well, what am I going to do now, I am going to tell him that the effect appears on monitor number one, then I mark the first dot and it appears, I am going to make it a little bigger And then we are going to do it

As with the Photoshop tool, the typical clone we should select within the Inspector and within the Paint effect we go to this icon here that says clone we will mark it and we will go to the first monitor where we will paint and select the stroke tool

I mark it and if you remember with more control Mouse Wheel I can do more big I can make the clip bigger if I press the mouse wheel I can scroll through the preview and with

More control Mouse wheel I can enlarge the image or not So how to do it once we have the tool selected I’m going to mark an area that is what I want to be cloned to

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Cover this candle. So I want [ __ ] a small piece of this area here I would press the shift key And I click on this area and You will see that it has stayed in red now once

You release the shift key I can paint on top of the sail to end up taking the same tones I recommend you to get a little bit on each side No, because if he ended up painting the whole sail

With this fragment here you will notice the change in color the same shift key now in the upper part here above and we see that the x marks the area where the color is taking on because

This area has also been painted now so we are going to [ __ ] this color that It’s a little more gray I’m going to put it here and I end up painting this, we have to do it with love and with a little more time, not like I’m doing it like crazy

So that we have a few more coherent tones No, but oh well More or less you are getting the idea of ​​how I am doing it and in this way obviously it can be done much better but hey if you realize

In the preview already in which it looks smaller it practically appreciates us I think I ate a bit of Vela that it is well I would leave it Let’s go more or less like I say. I’m heavy on this.

You have to do it well with your time and everything, but let’s suppose that we leave it like that, will you say, the static image is fine, or if it is a fixed shot in which the camera does not move and only

The girl will move, well, I think it would give us good results. What if now I press Play and you see how the cake is uncovering and here above all we can see it, it ends up moving

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This with a fixed plane, it would work perfectly for us if the plane is still and only the girl moves the candle disappears So as I said for the fixed shot we have done it What to do so that

Now this moves in the same way as the camera so that it does not appear in motion Well if we go to the tab modifiers inside the Inspector in the Paint box we see

All this here you will say what this is because These are all the brush strokes you see that if I remove them they disappear they are all the brush strokes that we have done so to select them what I will to do is I want all this to convert it into a

Group and apply an effect to it so that it moves with the camera we press the select button I make a little square in the mark in the area where we have painted and all this appears, which are

All these brushstrokes of here in this icon here that is Pain Group we give it and Pumbaa gives it to us It has just been put in a single Group if we now double click Here we see that if I deactivate it the

Candle appears if I activate it it disappears We are going to right click on the Central section because as you will see You can animate this with keyframes but it is not the idea The idea is that this movement that the camera makes we don’t have to do it frames frame how we

Get it Well, we are going to plant ourselves in the first frame, we right click on center and in the section modify with we will put the position of the tracker Now the only thing that we would have

To do is indicate where it says the source of the tracker What is the Source of the main video in this case you would get media by default and but We have changed the name to girl

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We put girl that is this node name and now we see that it is identifying the candle, well, this is as simple as telling him that now from the frame in which I am forward, that he check us and that he eliminates the candle with the movement of the camera Imagine that if

You had been here in the middle of the video because you had not noticed, you would have to do it first backwards and then forwards, so I recommend you go to frame 0 to the first frame of the video animation and here we apply it We would trace

And see how this begins to move together with the video Now the program tells us that it has finished so I am going to see the final result I am going to tell it now to show me

The original video on the first monitor and on the second monitor the video with the effect applied if now I press Play we can see how in one there is a candle And in the other there is not and the movement

Is done together with the camera we do not have to do any type of manual animation How did your body just look The truth is that to be able to modify small things like objects that are in the background or even if we wanted to remove the mark that appears on the

Laptop, this this logo here is this circle we could do it without any kind of problem So tell me what you think of this piece of node and we’ll see you in the next video I hope it

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