Como Ganar Dinero en Internet en 2023 (3 Formas que No Conocías)

In this video you will learn about three unusual new businesses with which you can earn 100 dollars a day and not only that, two of these businesses can be combined to make a mega

Business And this is the part of the video in which I have to tell you what following for you I want to be that friend who tells you things clearly Although many of them are not things you want to hear and

You prefer to tell you a fantasy with a violin in the background, I don’t want to be one of the bunch that promises you to earn money without doing anything by kicking you out fresh in the No if you want to listen to this fantasies

Go to another channel my mission is to be the number one channel that helps you the most to earn extra money from home and I take that responsibility very seriously I have been in that place in which you probably find yourself you wanting to earn money specifically wanting to

Earn 100 dollars a day and finding that I have no options or at least I don’t know any that is where I go to the internet forums videos anything Trying to search wanting to find steps to take action and see results The problem is that In the vast

Majority of cases, what people do on the internet is to sell you a course, put up a barrier which can only be passed by releasing money, money that we do not have and that is our

Original problem. So once we are clear, you and I want to free you. of all kinds of Barrera because in this video you will have access to that information that you will not find even in

Paid courses and you will be able to obtain it 100% free, be careful, you do nothing with this information and you only expose yourself to this accent of reggaetonero and you do not take any action So there are two steps number one

Watch this complete video you will find magic when you see that two of these businesses can be combined And number two Set a date on which you are going to start taking action so that you can take this

Information from a video to money in your pocket How did your eye look number one business idea when you see a store like this one or like this one or also like this one here these stores have something in common

And that is that they buy those products cheaper and then they sell them they sell more expensive you are probably thinking Raúl you discovered warm water This is not exactly new This is not new after

The screen many people have lost their fear of buying online from home using a cell phone or a computer and that allowed you to use the following method I am going to reveal your store to you,

Just like this store that you are seeing here, you can create it for free on this page called eBay where you can sell products like this one that you are seeing here on the screen. Notice that they are

Selling it for almost 70 dollars and these They buy products in another store, such as Walmart. Notice that this product is for 29 dollars. People buy products like this and then sell it on Ebay, earning that difference on the screen. You are seeing another product. This product

Is sold at Walmart for 14 dollars. However, on eBay they are selling it for 40 and on top of that they charge you 8.4, it is not for shipping, if we do the calculation you will see that for 39 99 less what it costs you, which

Is 14.88, we can be earning 25 dollars and this is without count the shipping, that is, we will earn even more money for each sale you make of this product and I found these products in less than 3 minutes,

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The same thing you can do when selling 100 products of this we would be talking about more than 2500 dollars and create a Ebay account is totally free a Pro tip that I want to give you here is the following

That same product that you obtained for a lower cost in pages Like Walmart for example and you can adapt this to your city to any place where you can get the cheapest you can also sell in local buying and selling applications, for example, they are selling that same umbrella

For 80 dollars and they are charging 15 dollars for shipping business idea number 2 and you probably haven’t seen this one is about making money with tiktok in your new program called tiktok Shop but I don’t show you Look at this person in his video he is talking about

This camera camera that by the way I have and I tell you that it is a good camera if you want to monitor something specific it can be your house a pet etc. It doesn’t look

Good on the computer but on our cell phone Yes if you look here we have the video of the person talking about this camera and the interesting thing is that look here it has the product below its video if you touch here you will

See that it takes you directly to that product this is a new tiktok program in which we are skipping using platforms like Amazon affiliates and we can earn direct with the tik tok application once you generate a sale automatically tiktok send this

Product to the user and it will give you a percent in the form of affiliate commission every time you sell a product but that’s not all there is more our friend than he made this video And he put the

Link to that camera he also has other videos Like for example this one that got 2.59 million views is this video that you are watching here if you look closely his other videos don’t have as many views

1900 10,000 This video went viral and in That video he is talking about this generator that you are seeing here, well, that video, look how much it generated seven thousand dollars in sales and all that is

From a video talking about a product. The interesting thing is that many of these products you can get for free to make an evaluation of it once you join the tiktok program and it’s very

Simple you can go to Google and put tiktok Shop and then you click on the first link that will appear so you can click and start doing it and I know what what are you asking Raúl

But what can I talk about an excellent product ask my dear Watson we can go to free services such as gpt chat and for example let’s say we want to talk about this camera that is what

You are seeing here we copy the name of the camera or the product and I can ask Charles gpt the following give me five ideas for videos that I can do to promote this product and I put the

Name of the product that I want to promote and chat gpt is giving me an idea what I can do idea number one tells me that I can do a Unboxing and configuration that’s talking about this product once you open it the things inside the box etc. I can also do a

Comparison of features a demonstration of the functionality the use in everyday situations such as you can use to monitor children etc. In other words, this Artificial Intelligence gives us things literally chewed up and a Pro tip that I can

Give you here is you can go to the sales pages of these products And see if it has a video in this case it does have a video and this video Can Me help promote that product but if you want

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More inspiration Look at the following on the screen you are seeing this content creator if you look at her videos they had 800 views 600 views 500 views or having views on tiktok is still not complicated Compared to other platforms Like for example YouTube is easier here, however,

Creating content one day one of those videos went viral and this is what you are seeing here with 7.6 million views how you are seeing here on your cell phone in that video she is talking about this product and then below is Now the product link where people can

Click and buy everything directly within tiktok without leaving the platform, well, what do you think, let’s see how much they have earned with that video, if you look here,

That video has 7.62 million views and when you see the sales here you will see that he has earned 20 thousand dollars in sales now we are going to take our friend out the calculator Notice that the commission was 15% we put 20,670 dollars which

Was what he earned per point 15 which is the commission and this person that video has Approximately a month after leaving, he has earned $3,100 in his pocket if we divide this by 30 days

We see that he is earning or has earned $103 a day and This was only with one video and beware, this person only has 24,000 followers, I tell you only because with a video that went

Viral is that this point has been reached when he made this video they had much less followers so you can see what is still possible if you have the correct information if you have your head pulsating at the moment I tell you what’s coming I’ll go to leave you crazy pay close attention

And if you like this information about meeting new businesses and having access to this information 100% free I only ask you to give me a like and let me know below if you like this video that gives us the idea

Of business number 3 and there is dad as there is potential here Pay attention to this business idea I named it the dad of the services of your city and Raúl must be thinking what is that of

Dad the services of your city I will explain what you are going to what you want to do here is the following pay close attention probably you will want to watch this video several times take notes so

You can digest it better the first thing you are going to want to do is create an instagram account then a tiktok account and then a YouTube is three things that you can do all three combined in

Less than 5 minutes And these three accounts that you just created are free you can put pets as the title and then your city to make this easier to digest you can put pets Miami that way people who go to this page, be it your Instagram page,

Tiktok page or YouTube account, know that what they are going to see below are pets and specifically in the area in this case of the Miami example. But you can change it to your city Barranquilla Cancun It doesn’t

Matter what city you are in, then you’re going to want to go to tiktok and you can put terms like dogs, cats, puppies, and this will give you different videos, for example, I like this video, I

‘m going to click, and here we have this video, then you go to go to this page tic made. online where by copying the URL of this video we can put it here and download it once you download the video it will

Be in this way you will have access to it and we will upload that video on our pages always giving credit to the account which we had in this way you will see that it is very easy

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To fill these pages with content and grow them since the people who are going to your page as the name of it is pets know that this content is going to be on the same topic So You will have a great facility to obtain followers and keep uploading content until then we have

Accounts growing but we have no money, this is where many people will tell you Wait for people to contact you and then see if they want to promote themselves, we are not going to take action and It is

The following, you can go to Google Maps and put the service that would most need to be advertised on our pages in order to earn money. Since we have a pet account, something that can work would be veterinarians and then the city with which we are working

In my case. I put Miami veterinarians and I got many veterinarians. Now, when I click on the website it says, I can contact these clinics From that same Instagram account of mine or through email and I can offer them to advertise on my page. I have a page where

People are going to see this pet content So by contacting these veterinarians they will like to get ahead of that traffic that I already have and that I have gotten for free you can charge a thousand dollars for four publications a month it is one per week or 250 dollars

Per each Promotion if only three veterinary clinics say yes we would be talking about three thousand dollars a month that if we live it between 30 days it would be 100 dollars a day of course the first three clinics that you are going to contact are not going to say yes probably

But this is a game of probabilities Like every business The more clinics you contact, the more chances you have that one will say yes And these are businesses that are already making money,

That is, they can pay you to promote their services and here I want to give you the Pro tip number one does not close to a city it does not have to be only the city in which you live or the country in which

You live You can change cities and make different accounts to earn even more money that way and I’ll give you another second pro tip and this is even more interesting you can combine this business number 3 with business number 2 How can you ask yourself remember that in this

Business number 3 I told you that you will create more specific accounts We are talking about an account that was pets and then a city you can Using tiktok shop business idea number 2, you can sell accessories or things that people who visit your pet page would be interested in. For

Example, look at this, it is a brush to clean the hair on the floor of the carpets that they release the puppies you can put a link through tiktok shop in your video of that page that you are

Growing to later sell ads on it and you would be making money from the first moment this opportunity right now is new and there are not many people doing this probably already when you see this video you have the chance that you are in your house quietly watching This

Video take action and see results results that translate into money in your pocket But of course Watch this complete video absorb the information and take action talking about taking action not stay there look right now This video that is next to me in which I am going to

Share applications with which you can earn money using your cell phone Click and see you in the same What are you still doing here wow Click and continue earning Diner

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