Como ganar DINERO REAL por Internet en 2023 desde casa

Save it yes Save it right now I mean in your wallet Well here I have nothing to sell you anywhere in this video beginning middle end I am going to refer you to no course

Or anything because in fact what I want to do is the opposite of putting up with information I want to reveal to you the information that by not having it is limiting you at this time to earn

Money and that is that my mission is to create the video that I would have wanted to see when I was 20 years old and had only one goal to get rich this definition of rich varies depending on the person you

Ask for me it means being able to do what you want when you want And how you want and the problem is that this requires two things number one time number 2 money you need time to be

Able to do what you want however to be able to do what you want you also need money I have the blessing of having retired 10 years ago and if you want to know my

Current sources of income you are going to want to see this video that is up here but be careful. Do it After watching it is because look what I am going to show you what I have behind me It is the concrete information

That will be the difference in your life. If you are looking to improve your financial situation, let me tell you that you do not need that money to buy that expensive course that that guru is selling you. Not everything you need to improve your economic situation can be get free

Come for free I’m going to show you here in this video this video is divided into two parts the first part is motivational because if I don’t update you an update to your operating system

We will continue in the same is this what he told you that you should see This video So I’m going to program it for you That fast and in the right way but I don’t do anything with all that motivation if I don’t

Give you the practical steps that are three And by doing so I can tell you that your financial life is going to change the first thing you are going to want to do is take inventory of your day what has worked

For me is the following you are going to want to divide your day into 15 minute intervals i do this in a notebook but you can do it on paper like you see here at In this sheet I put an inventory

Of what I am doing every 15 minutes This step is very important because many times you will find that you do not have enough time in your day because you do not use it correctly and I am nobody

To tell you what it is The right way for me the wrong way is to do something that takes you away from your goals by keeping this inventory every 15 minutes you will realize how much

Time we waste the second thing you are going to do is use a stopwatch whether you use an application on your cell phone or use a physical one like this one here where we are going to be counting

Exactly the time that we are going to be spending when working on our goals if you are interested in obtaining this stopwatch I will put a link below this video the reason why not I use the stopwatch on my phone so I don’t get distracted by notifications or anything like

That, if you only do those two things that I just told you, you’re going to see a big difference in your life, if you see it as extreme, how good you need to make extreme changes to get results extreme

Or not common those two things that I just told you in 90% of the people Out there they do not go with their lives like that depending on how the air blows and it is very difficult like this to reach the destination that you propose 3,640 weeks you can

Ask yourself Raúl what is this Assuming that you live 70 years on average, you will live 3,640 weeks. Knowing that we have a limited number of weeks to live and that it is so little should serve as the motivation you need to fight for your goals and dreams today and make whatever

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You should do that I learned from this book Die with zero a book that I recommend 100% and the message here is not to wait to be ready to take an action take action even knowing

That you are not ready because a step forward is get closer to that desired goal record this phrase small daily actions more consistency will give you significant results the fastest and surest way to become financially free is to learn a skill that has the

Potential to lift you out of poverty it is important that you are willing to be uncomfortable you are going to have to do new things if you keep doing what you’ve been doing so far you’re going to get what

What you’ve been getting so far in the form of results this works Equally for better or for worse once you start doing things right and start getting positive results keep doing that don’t get sidetracked and you may be wondering Raul What skill should I learn to

Help you Look at this diagram that you are seeing here the circle above means what you like to do the one next to you what pays well where is the money where is the money where is

The money that will be understood by the old people who saw Saturdays giant the third circle is what you are good at what you do well what is not hard for you and other people say wow that is

Going well for you And in the middle here once we join these three things is that there is the tasty point what what you should be learning or doing but I am not going to leave you there I am going to give you concrete examples

Imagine that what you like is Watching videos on YouTube you follow different youtubers you like the style of their videos perfectly well then we have what pays is to create videos on YouTube, be careful,

You won’t have to create a video, continue with me here, and what is easy for you can be playing games on your computer. that is going to give you money it can be a

Video editor but I am not going to leave it there I am going to give you another example let’s say that what you like is Browsing social networks you are spending time on instagram Facebook etc. very well How can we

Monetize that number one we have to see what it is that pays in this case it could be to help other businesses and then we have what is easy for you which can be to talk to people maybe

You are an extrovert or extrovert very good for you Something you can do is enter a multilevel I’m not playing I’m playing Don’t do that I don’t recommend it that’s just another job something you can do is run ads on these social networks for small businesses This

Is something that most businesses don’t know and they will help them getting new clients believe me it is something you can learn for free and make money doing it the important thing about stability is that it must have the ability to scale or grow it otherwise you just found

A job one of the questions you can ask yourself to know if you can scale stability is I can hire a person or a team of people to do this for me and make money while I’m at home if the answer is yes Then it will work for you you should stop

Obsessing over making a million dollars and do it What you have to do is become obsessed with helping a million people, helping a million people with stability, the money will be there, but until now you have only seen the motivational part of this plan, however,

Now we are going to get into the practical part. what you must do are three steps to be able to earn money This is information that many people out there would charge you for, but since

My mission is to be the channel that helps you earn money the most, I am revealing it to you 100% free if you like it Give me a like below and let me know in the comments that this information is

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Helping you I would love to be able to read your comment the first step you are going to want to do is you are going to want to start studying this eye skill for free I am talking about no course or anything

And You may wonder where I can learn this skill for free, places like YouTube or Google or also in forums are excellent places to start documenting yourself and this knowledge begins to expand and in these places you will not only go to learn but also to keep up to

Date Let’s say you are learning to edit videos because you are going to follow channels that teach you this and by continuing to inform yourself with these channels you are going to keep up to date with this information, something key

In this time when information changes so quickly number 2 you are going to start to document what you are learning and this is getting interesting here Pay attention and stay with me just by sharing what I have been learning in the last three years YouTube has paid me more than

Half a million dollars and what you are going to want to do is the following you have me with anxiety Watson, you have three reasons to document what you are learning. The best way to learn

Is to teach, and I am going to tell you with an example. If what you are learning cannot be taught by a fifth grader, it means that you still have not understood it well. When you can simplify the concepts that really stick in your mind, the second reason to document what

You are learning is that you are going to start earning money. Be careful, the only thing you need to start documenting what you are learning is your cell phone. I don’t want excuses. if you are watching this with a

Cell phone you can document what you are learning and maybe you are thinking Raúl I don’t like making videos Don’t worry Stay with me there is nothing better than documenting what you are learning

And getting paid to do it is a magical time in the one we are experiencing right now and I am going to give you a real example of this I have a friend called Enrique who recently started

Recording videos because he had that inside of him that he wanted to do but he doesn’t know how to edit well he didn’t know how to edit at the moment you know edit And it is that he began to look for tutorials on how to master

A specific program, it is called Da Vinci resolve, which is a very good free editor By the way, and I recommended that he start sharing what he was learning because Enrique began to record short videos vertically teaching different things that he was learning with Da Vinci reso and

He began to share it on tiktok a place where you would not expect to find videos of this. However, he is doing very well and today he is working on doing one of the things that I’m going to reveal you

Here in this video to earn even more money Stay with me the third thing that’s going to help you share what you’re learning is to collect feedback you’re going to want to create a Word document a piece of paper no matter where you go to collect all the

Complaints, problems, situations, suggestions that the world is going to offer you once you start documenting what you are learning, that is why it is important that you put what you are learning out there. you may be asking Raúl How

Can I document this for free paying attention activated we live in a magical time Watson if what you want to do are quick videos you can use tiktok Instagram reel Facebook rivers that all these short videos you can do with your cell phone for free the information you are going to start

Collecting are the comments there are the complaints suggestions that’s why you don’t need to show these videos to your family they are not your target audience if what you want to do are long videos you can use YouTube however if you don’t want to make videos something very

Popular at the moment is audio and you can use free platforms such as Spotify where with your phone you can also start sharing what you are learning, however if what you like is text you can use a platform such as twitrex oxo whatever you want to call the moment

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Of this video By the way, an extra tip is that if you like to write you can make a newsletter with services like you can start collecting emails and then write to these emails this is a very popular newsletter at the moment and with this

There are two ways that You can make money number one charge for having access to it or number two sell ads within your writings this leads us to the step that you probably like the most and it is

Number 3 earn money now yes because we want to earn money now and trust is the belief that this is possible that is why I want you to earn money as soon as possible this is not going to be the

Most amount of money but When you start to see money coming into your bank account you will have the confidence to follow This program the first thing you can to do is offer your services stability that you have been learning you can start offering you are a video editor start

Editing videos you can start for free so you can get a portfolio and then with that portfolio start looking for new clients if you learned to run ads on Facebook on instagram on tiktok you can contact different companies to help them get new customers this can already help you

Start offering money but we are not going to leave it there we want more money and you are going to want to do the following you can use affiliate marketing following the example of the publisher if you recommend a program to edit that company can pay you a percent every time someone buy

That program And you can do that from day one, you can also offer coaching, which is a mentoring where a person is going to sit with you virtually and ask you questions and you

Are going to offer them your experience and you can charge for this In addition to that, there are the sponsors, which is to sell ads, that editing program can pay you because you talk about it or mention it in your

Video, time will pass and you will see that this is becoming easier, so in a couple of months all Those complaints, concerns, suggestions, you will see that many of them are the same people, they asked how can I do this, how do I achieve x results, or that answer to those

Constant questions, you can transform them into a course or digital product, but I don’t have money to pay for a service where I can put my course Don’t worry once again Come to services

Like hotmart for free or they will help you to record your course with your cell phone and sell it there Although probably at this point You will already have enough money to be able to buy one

Camera if that’s what you want or microphone if you want my suggestions I can tell you and I can put you under this video a camera a microphone that I can recommend to start with and then later on

You’re going to want to escalate this operation with a team these people will they’re going to help they’re going to believe in your vision And they’re going to allow you to make even more money and you’re not going to have to be around

Doing all the things in your business all day literally This is the time when you can go to that beach and stay in the sand drinking that Margarita although I tell you something this is a cliché

Probably later you are going to get tired of that sun that is burning and you are going to want to do something with your life what happens is that if you followed all this plan you will already be in the right path

Now be careful once you achieve it be grateful and help other people who want to achieve it just like you so do not go anywhere Click on this video that is next to me and I will continue to teach you other practical ways with which you can earn money Click and continue

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