Herramientas M脕S utilizadas en Photoshop 2024 馃殌

Hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of the Photoshop course, a very short topic in which we will explain basic functions of the tools where they are. And above all, the most important thing, I think, is the keyboard shortcuts that save us a lot of time, especially

The ones. which I use most often for the topic of digital illustration once we have the project open as we have seen. Before we have in the left panel all the tools if

You look at each one of them well in all of them No but in almost all of them we have a type arrow pointing down at the bottom right, if we press it, a new submenu appears. This would be a kind of tools that are related, so to have them separately we

Have them, in this case, they are grouped in the same button to save space, for example. In the selection mode, if we press it, we have to do it in a rectangle or in a Circle, because to put two

Tools, they put them in a single button and we save space depending on the version you have of Photoshop. If you put yourself on top of the tool, a kind of animation and the sneak in this case the shortcut here is already telling you that to move m see we could use the

V key let’s see if it’s true you see if we press the v key and I select an element I can move it and this has been the first shortcut here we would have Well basically the selection tools the magic wand tool which is to be able to select complete areas that we

Will see this the subject of brushes pencils eraser the paint pot text tool to be able to move the magnifying glass and practically here we have everything yes For example, you select the brush, you see that here at the top we have the configuration of this tool or else here

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We could also modify things about the brush such as the size, the type or even here we have the different brushes in groups, which shortcuts do I usually use for myself? one of the most basic the Z the

Z is the zoom if you press the Z key and then with the mouse pressing Obviously the left button I go to the right I am zooming if I go to the left I am zooming out So

When you are working and now I want, for example, to work on the eye, I would gradually expand the area that interests me And I don’t lose the main tool, if you notice, now I’m with the brush that I could draw here But if I’m painting and now I’m going back

I paint more a little further back Now I want to zoom in I am simply pressing the Z key I am moving but the main tool is not changing this is because when

I press Z I do the action of going to the right or left and then I release yes I would simply press Z now I just pressed it now I always have this tool left I would have to later

Go back to the pencil or the brush tool and continue working for example key B if we put if we press the key B it is the brush if I now press the key Hey, without releasing it, I paint over

This stroke. What I’m doing is erasing it. In this case, it was a super large size. I’m going to make it much smaller. I’m going to set it, for example, to 15. So, as I said, now here

I am painting and now I want to erase this from here. Well, with the tool itself, remember with the B key that it is the selected brush if I now press the e key without releasing the e key I paint

Over the stroke if you realize I am erasing Why Because I am using the G yes Now I release the e key, the main tool, which is the brush, is left again, if I simply press the e key, that’s it, because it remains by default. The

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Eraser, that is, now I can erase everything I want, but if I want to go back to the brush I would have to go back to press the B key then we have seen Z key plus zoom in and out which would be moving the

Mouse from left to right B key to be able to use the brush e key to delete that is, there are three basic things space key to be able to move the entire group that is In this case the entire project

Would not be moving a layer but would move the entire Canvas to accommodate. Well, I am adjusting to this corner, for example, where I want to alternate the space key plus zoom in or out and

I adjust super quickly. Another one that I use a lot is the L for lasso is saying yes now press l you see that I can select an area If I now press control t I go to the

Transform tool, in this I can, in addition to moving it, change its size, rotate it or I could even deform it, then press the enter key and I accept the changes if not I want to use the control key and I would simply like to move this layer, we would press the

V key, which is the one we selected at the beginning of everything, which is the one to move that this little guy here indicated and we can move the layer wherever we want, well in this If it would not be moving the layer,

It would simply be moving the element that we have selected with the lasso. One of my favorites, above all, it saves me. You don’t know how much time it saves me when you are doing

Digital illustration. It is the I key. What is the I key for? I is the dropper used to choose the color Imagine that I want [ __ ] the color of the skin of this character, I simply press I

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And we automatically see that the color has been set here, it is barely noticeable Imagine that I want the red color of the arrow already I have left the color red or this brown color, all the colors are being added to the panel I am going to select the red now imagine that

I want to paint well, I have pressed the I key and now I continue painting with the B key now for example I want to change the color because, as we said, without having to release this main tool, that is, simply press I, select the color and release I again.

Now I have the main tool again, the drawing tool, the brush tool, selected. By the way, if you are seeing that in the brush when I am painting this fill appears, it is because

The layer on which I am drawing has an effect, we will look at this in one of the following videos, but so you can see that it doesn’t do anything strange, I just added a new layer without any type of effect and

Now it paints normally, okay, you will be amazed that I am making the brush strokes with the fill plus a shadow. It is due to effects that I have added, which if you notice are the same ones that

The arrow layer has. In fact, if I deactivate the layer From the arrow you see that everything we have been drawing disappears with control Z I have just undone all the movements and a little more. I think these are the most necessary shortcuts that you need, especially to start moving

Fluently in the editing program. I hope you find them It has been useful and see you in the next module bye if you liked this video, like and subscribe, it doesn’t cost anything. To avoid missing more tutorials, free programs and many more tricks, for more information and downloads of

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