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Sound module finally we come to the audio as you will see we start from the base of the editing module which is where I always like to start to see the differences between one space and another here we have

A video clip with a voice track and a music track So yes we go to the famous web audio module here it changes everything a little what is this here at the top we would have the

Typical thing that appears in the other modules the multimedia panel if we go to the effects tab I am going to remove multimedia we would have transitions, which is what we have seen in the editing module,

Which in the end, they are increasing and lowering the sound, and especially the effects module here. We have a lot of effects that we can apply to the tracks, later we would have the registration module where bookmarks or markers because we can see all the information that this is

Very useful for us and sound library that here you will need an adventure account to be able to add sounds and music if we close this we will see that the first tab appears that would be the mixer

We have it Already very seen of the other modules because I always like to have it at hand here at the end we have total control of the tracks here we can Lower the volume mute it leave it

In solo mode add effects what we want then the vumeters and activate it we will see that a lots of channels where each line of these would be equivalent to a track now for example

We see 1 and 2 because I have two tracks The voice track and the music track So if we clicked Play we would see how both are active let’s see it Hi I’m the teacher subscribe it costs nothing Obviously

The audio is hyper bad because the music is super loud and the voice is very low But we will see this later We have here the metadata tab that we follow this for example to a clip and

Press it we see that the information appears of the track and then the famous Inspector in which we can do everything if we look at the inspector, a lot of preset effects appear that we can modify both the volume, the distribution, the tone, even an

Equalizer, I’m closing windows that otherwise we can’t working on this I am going to enlarge it a little to be able to see the waves and if you have noticed each channel this would be a channel, the music channel and

This the voice channel, two different channels appear within the same track because it would be a stereo track if it were mono we would see that the wave appears in one and the other would be flat within each

Track as you can see we can add here some of the effects that appear in the inspector from here we can change the name of the track we can block it in case we want to continue modifying

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Other things but this is not with this button we can prepare the track to record if now it will mark it what we do Is that when we press the record button it will record it on this track

Here later we would have to isolate that what it does is leave it only if now I press Play only the voice will be heard the music will not be heard I am Professor Saitama subscribe go

And the same thing in reverse and now I remove it And I press mute we will hear the music but not the voice from here I same We have the same control in a moment I can lower the

Volumes I can mute it dance it or prepare it to record let’s see Hello I’m Professor Saitama subscribe it doesn’t cost anything in a moment we can manage the basic volume controls with this we also have a series of quite simple tools

For a very very very simple edition But hey, it does the trick for us obviously the modifications that I make here if now for example I move the audio track and here I make a

Cut it will be I go to the sound module we see that it has modified everything Now, if I do control Z, it leaves it back in its place, but from here we can do a fairly simple edition. But

Well, with the a key we can select and modify the tracks, move it, and with this tool we can apply cuts or modifications to the selections. say Imagine that I want to remove a small piece from here but only from the voice track Well,

I select and the voice track is marking me if now I click on the delete button it removes it but not the bottom instead Yes with this tool select everything we give it to the delete button and we see that it deletes all the two audio tracks. Then we will have

The cut tool that I am not going to explain very well what it is for with the control B key and it applies the cuts. You can delete this, you can move it whatever you want with the

Alt x key we delete this selection that we had made and also well we have the typical tool to attract the magnet this is useful if you have a cut I will hit control B if we have

A cut here and I have the magnet tool active the one that I approach I join it if I have it deactivated I can specify much more what happens that I will not have the overlapping the magnet effect that

The tracks have and we also have the marker tools as in the editing module here you can go marking signals Imagine that So you need to make an audio correction here or you need to record a new dialogue, so you can make markers on the timeline or in the

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Clip itself to give the information. How can we apply a very simple effect here if we click on the effects tab For example, we can apply a rever, I’m going to cut this, I’m going to undo it,

I’m going to remove the music, we’ll raise the audio track a little if you notice, if I put the mouse over the wave, we’ll see that there’s a white line here and it change the cursor, this means that if I now pull it up

, I can raise the decibels. Leaving it in this one for example [Music] sounds terrible so by clicking on this icon here I’ll leave it in the default state again So I’ll just upload it a little manually Hello I’m Professor Saitama

Well now imagine that we have this clip in two parts Well, I’m going to apply the effect simply when you sign up or improve Hello hello I’m Professor Saitama I’m going to leave it with a rever and I’m going to leave the next piece of the dialogue normal so I take

The rever effect I select it and drop it here in medium automatically Opens this window that is to be able to configure the effect according to the effect that I choose, I will have some configurations

Or others but in this case, by default I will leave it as it comes and we will see the difference subscribe and it does not cost anything as you have seen they appear Also here are the little stars,

That is to say, if he cries, I mark the reversal , it will stay in my favorites in case they are effects that you end up using often. Well, in this way you can have them at hand. apply a rever effect because I liked how it looks

To begin with I’m going to remove the rever effect from this clip that we just put it’s as easy as going to effects within the inspector with this it disabled it But with this it eliminated it if we have

40,000 clips and we want to add the effect of revering to each one. In addition to the fact that the program is going to consume a lot of memory, it will be a drama to be able to put it on all the clips, which is

The simplest thing. Well, instead of putting it on each bit of the track, well put it directly on the track if this you take the effect and I’ll take it Not to the little piece of audio but to the track in general we see that right now it applies to everything

Before we had it only in this fragment now it should be heard in everything we will see in wait a moment we could apply it this way I’m going to remove it too if we go here to the voice track and click on effects I can add the channel

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You want in this case the reverb effect and the same now we would have it applied I’ll to eliminate what I don’t like at all How it ended up here We can also change the display of the wave like in the edition module We are going to make the timeline a little bigger

Also here we also have a very cool thing I’m going to do a little more small this is that as it happens to us in the edition module from here we can make automatic transitions simply by doing this we lower the volume let’s see it doesn’t cost anything

And if we want to customize it a little In addition to Here we see that in the straight line a little dot appears that we can modify so that it is not linear Remember linear is boring If I want to customize it a bit ,

It’s as simple as making sure you have this option checked, if not, it doesn’t appear that it’s the gain line . do it manually to make it more personalized I simply put myself above the gain line to raise or lower the volume I press the alt key + one click

And Pumbaa has just created a keyframe for me it will be I go to another little bit Well I’m lame again And I click it and I believe it if I modify this now we see how the audio goes down

And how not this can be much more customizable in case I have to go up and down Super simple but how do I tell you if you don’t want to complicate your life we ​​lower the audio here in a moment and we already have a transition done more things if

You are working and need more silence Lower the volume or directly remove all the volume from the preview we have this wonderful button here that what it allows us is without touching the general volumes Well, imagine that you are in an office and you have to lower the

Volume since you are listening Hello I am Professor Saitama subscribe go ahead and Lower the volume here does not imply any modification in the mixer but it does in the previous one or we can even mute it you are now working without touching volumes but on mute Anyway, I hope

This helps you and in the next chapter we are going to see how to normalize the audio that when we record we have the tones at different volumes and in this way we are going to level it So bye

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