Como funcionan los Pinceles en Photoshop 🖌️

Hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of the Photoshop course in this chapter we are going to see what the brushes are like how to configure them how you can create new ones save them or import them at the

End this tool It is essential if you want to do digital illustration well if you have configured the space of work as we have seen before that you would give the window to work and painting spaces we would have on the right side the same that we can have at the top

If we select the brush tool we could see here at the top because what would be the brush settings and the different types, the same as here we have it organized by folders and here we can practically see all the brushes that come to us by default. Then

I have been adding new ones through pages that give it to you totally free. And now I will explain how Do it if you are going to dedicate yourself to digital painting, whether with Photoshop or another program,

I recommend that you use a digital tablet. More than anything because when drawing with the mouse, as you can see now, we do not have the functionality of pressure. However, if we draw with a digital tablet depending on what I press on the tablet, you see that the stroke is different,

I am forcing the brush more or less depending on what type of drawing you won’t really need, but if you want to do something a little detailed or a little professional You will have to have pressure elements. That said, we can adjust the properties of the brush by clicking on this button here,

For example, we can select one that we like, this one, for example. And from here we can play with the values ​​that come to us on this screen to configure once we choose the type of brush we like, we can save it to be able to use it later,

For example, if we set the spacing very high we can really see the texture that this brush has. The closer we have it, the more uniform the stroke will be here. For example, we can indicate the inclination. If we want it to be at an angle or not. Here

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We could include a texture. For example, I am going to put this one to do a test. We can add transparency. We can include noise. The edges are wet. In short, we can play with all the values ​​here is simply to fiddle around

Until you find more or less the type of brush that we would like, for example, now this one, if you wanted to paint a background, whatever, well, that can serve you however you want. Once we like how the painting turned out, brush configuration before

Marking any other, otherwise we would lose all the characteristics that we have been indicating, we would click on this button here to save it, this window appears and we name it brush test, if I mark this selection here, what I am

Telling you is that the size that I have now set by default in this configuration will always be maintained if we do not mark it every time we put this brush it will be [ __ ] the

Value that we have at that moment, for example I am going to leave it as it is And we would hit ok well it was if you look here we would have the test brush now you Imagine that you are here drawing And at this moment you want to start eliminating because it

Has come out or you want to remove a piece using the rubber tool if we press the e key We see that the cut makes it perfect for us, no, that is, in the end, it has positive things

And negative things. Because if I simply want to remove a little bit of red from this brush stroke, Well, maybe this doesn’t work for me, I’m going to press control Z here. option that I recommend In order

Not to lose quality in the Illustration It would be with the tool with the brush that we have in the option so change it and put erase What does it mean that and now with these same characteristics

If I start to paint over it instead of erasing it what What I’m doing is using the same stroke And if you see that it has some transparency Of course in the case that I would like to eliminate it falls in the

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Case that I would like to eliminate with less harshness what I can do in senopacidad we lower it for example to 45 and having the same characteristics that you see with the brush There is still something here in the background

The more strokes I make the cleaner the drawing becomes If I want to return to normal mode In the mode window it would say normal, now we would continue painting without any problem if we click here on this little arrow we can see the size of the brush that you can

Make it bigger or smaller or start selecting another type of brush that you have to bring you new brushes The program is very simple from this same window if we click here on the first icon in the upper right we see that we have the option to

Import brushes, from here import them or else Simply from the browser itself, double click and it will be installed automatically in your brush library to download brushes. Well, I recommend this website. But in the end you can use any

Other. In the end, do a small search on Google and they will appear, but here you can really find a lot of material for free. I will leave you the link, obviously. the description box so that you can download what you want, if for example you want this

Rain brush, you open it and click on the free download, you wait for the 5 seconds of courtesy and it is already downloading, you simply open the file then double click and it is done has installed us here we have the brushes if you look at the type of rain super easy

Red rain in this case well a keyboard shortcut that can save us a lot of time when painting is being able to increase or decrease the size of the brush without having to go to the part

Up here and change the size. Imagine that you are making a stroke and now you want the brush to be smaller if you press the alt key plus the right mouse button to the right I make it bigger to the left smaller Well look now I change the size I continue drawing now

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I want it bigger alt right button right bigger for the opacity the same Imagine that you want the normal stroke but now you want it to have more opacity or less so we press

The alt key again in this case right button instead of going to the right or left What do you make the diameter bigger we will go up or down to give it up less opacity down more opacity for example Now I want opacity at 50 I’m going up I’m going up to 50

And if I paint now you see that The drawing is much more transparent, I can even make it practically invisible And finally we would have the Pencil tool at the end, it may or may not be useful depending on your needs. If you notice, the Pencil tool looks

A lot like the Paint tool. Ok, what it does is paint all the pixels, this has good things and bad things, you can use it for example for Pixel Art But depending on what things it

Won’t work for you, even if we lower the opacity, as you can see here, all the pixels will be painting can be good for sketching it can be good for pixelating but in the end if you are going to do painting I recommend using the brushes as you can see here the pressure

Continues to work with the with the Pencil tool if you use a digital tablet the pressure It works the same now if I use the mouse, what I was telling you about, uniform strokes Well now that we have reviewed How the brush tool works, how to

Configure them, create new ones and save them, let’s go to the next chapter, bye, if you liked this video, like and subscribe, go ahead that costs nothing To not miss more tutorials, free programs and many more tricks, for more information and downloading

Free materials, visit the website that appears below the description box See you soon [Music]

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