✅ Cómo mejorar la calidad de una imagen en Photoshop 🎨

Hello everyone and welcome to a new chapter of the Photoshop course, a very short video with two or three super easy tips to be able to improve and considerably enlarge an image. Here we would have the original image that if you see that we enlarge a little we immediately see all the

Pixels there. and that the image is blurred, it is obviously a fairly small image and below you can see the final result after modifying a couple of things. The truth is that the difference is brutal. So let’s see how we have done the almond tree trick. We simply open the image

In Photoshop and first of all we would go to image and image size or by pressing the alt control key I Well here we see the size that is 1.69 meg the width and height that I will not touch anything

But if you remember in the first chapters we always put resolution 300 this is at 72 So if we set 300 Boom passes 29 meg yes the image is huge but it is good for us to improve

The quality in this case by making it larger we can play a little more with the values ​​in this box here in resampling which is how I had it and the only thing we have to do is

Change it to preserve details 2.0 if you do not have this option Put it at the top preserve details enlargement But I will leave it at 2.0 and the option to reduce noise that is at 100% also for By default

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, zero appears. So we’ll leave it at 100. We’ll go to Ok and, well, big for a while and the photo, but we’ve simply made it big. Let’s improve it a little. Now we’ll go to the

Noise filter option and reduce noise. This little window appears. from here and what we have to do is set intensity with the value of 10 and the preservation of details that appears at 100. You can set it

To 5% by clicking on Ok, with this we have improved a lot but then you can use e an automatic tone, for example, to try to improve the image a little on the other hand, but if it

Doesn’t convince you, you can simply increase the contrast in the image a little, brightness contrast settings, and we’ll raise it a little with this, I think it’s fine. We click Ok and We export Very well

, now we will be seeing the two images, the one that is not improved and the one that is better so that you can see the improvement that we have made in two or three clicks, what do you think, not to mention

That the image is much larger. Anyway, I hope that has been useful to you and see you in the next episode bye if you liked this video, like and subscribe, it doesn’t cost anything. To avoid missing more tutorials, free programs and many more tricks, for more information and downloading of

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