✅ Cómo crear sombras realistas en Photoshop con esta técnica fácil

Hello everyone and welcome to a new chapter of the Photoshop course. In today’s chapter we are going to see how to apply shadows to objects or people. In this case, the photo I am using obviously already has a shadow because it is a photo that I have downloaded. Internet

But what we are going to do is remove the background that is visible from the table with a shadow that we see that the light focuses on us from the left side to the right side of the image. So

We are going to eliminate this background and we will generate a new one. shadow artificially so that you can see the example to select the image, what I am going to do first is how

I have this layer locked and I want to keep it just in case so that I can later see the difference between one and the other, I duplicate the layer with control J I’m going to hide this one for now because I’m not interested.

And we’re going to go to the object selection tool or the W key and we see that the command detects us. I’m going to press the control x key to cut the image, I’m going to create a new layer. and control

V to paste it we now have the command su elto Okay I’m going to put a white background on it and we’re going to start creating the new layer for the shadow. We’re going to group this here with control G

And we leave it deactivated so that we no longer Of interest here, the first thing we have to see is where the light comes from, as I said before, in this case for this object the light comes from the

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Left side to the right. So the first thing we are going to do is go to the options of the layer by pressing the right button on the layer of the control blending options we open this little window here

I’m going to put it in the corner so that it doesn’t get in the way and we have to go to the last option that puts a drop shadow and by default something has been done here We will set the opacity

To 100% and the size to be zero pixels as it was by default, it seems that the shadow has been drawn by hand, we can apply a slightly gray color instead of black Because if we are going to

Leave the background white for that it integrates a little better and the angle in this case of the shadow we see that it is wrong, why Well, because as we have said, the light comes to us from the left side and we see

That the shadow is also on the left side, this we would have to modify it by For example, something like this, we will leave it at 134 for this image, click OK, now I am going to separate this shadow into a

New layer to be able to apply more effects, right click on the effect and create layer, click OK, and now I have the shadow on a different layer. Now with this we apply a filter to the shadow layer, blur filter and motion blur. Well, the first thing we are going to do

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Is expand the distance to see a little bit where the movement is going. In this case, more or less, we will leave it in this position. More or less, if you notice, it is the same position

In which we left the angle in the adjustments layer when we created the shadow. I will leave an image here so you can compare it and we will accept it. Now what I am going to do is apply another effect in this case effect causeno filters blur blur causeno

To this percentage for example and I accept now to eliminate The Leftover in this case I am not interested in having a shadow in this part of the control what I am going to do is create a clipping mask

We create new mask And in this case choosing the color black is going to eliminate The Leftover I am going to [ __ ] a brush that has a gradient Like for example this one Here we are going to make it a little bigger

And we have already added the shadow and if you look Here we would have the result of the shadow in a moment with Photoshop. I will leave a few more results here now on the screen so that you can see in a moment what we can really do with the shadows. It is

Easy to use and you can do it for both objects and objects. for people Anyway, I hope this method has been useful for you to add the shadows and see you in the next chapter bye if you liked this video, like and subscribe, it doesn’t cost

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